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Physical and Psychological Health

Physical and Psychological Health


Psychosomatic medicine is an interdisciplinary medical field studying the relationships of social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and quality of life in humans and animals.”

Deteriorating conditions of many patients could be prevented if their psychological ill health was treated along with physical disease.

Illness is letting us know that we need to change something, we can’t live the same way anymore. Some psychological disorders are related to conflicts between an individual and the world around around them.A response to disease calls for changes, not only physiological and medication but also behavioral and emotional adjustment.

Integrated care contextualizes the key underlying emotional and behavioral mechanism by focusing on psychological aspects of a variety of health conditions. It has been demonstrated that illness is affected by psycho-social factors that influence medical conditions.

Unhealthy life style, negative attitude, unsolved internal issues, interpersonal conflicts, mood disorders, amplify risks of diseases and can interfere with medical care if not addressed. Stress is a substantial and growing concern that harms physical and emotional responses. Chronic stress and depression are associated with increased danger of cardiovascular disease, cancer  and poorer prognosis.

People with mental conditions are in risk of developing specified chronic disease.  Diabetes, respiratory illness, arthritis and rheumatism  are some of them already studied diseases that have connection with certain mental health state.

Psychological conditions contributing to negative thinking, risky behaviors and inability to make positive changes impact the patients’ well-being. Psycho-therapeutic body – mind connection recognizes that medical care is not limited to disease treatment but it is also used to educate patients and prevent disease.

Healing is more difficult when an individual holds negative beliefs and suffers emotionally.

Counseling provides effective and compassionate care to support healthy interaction between the processes of thinking mind, feeling body and emotionally infused psyche.

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