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Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling

Do you experience gut feelings? Intuition & feelings  are responses that should not be ignored or even corrected by rational faculties. They are appraisals, and in this sense, they are also a form of information processing that happens in the brain. Based on experience the brain predicts feelings and emotions.

Through the recent studies the neuroscience & psychology have more profound understanding how the brain and thinking work in relation to feelings and emotions. Emotions are not imprinted into the brain at birth. They are developed and learned. They are results of the brain and its prediction, which is a complete work of millions of neurons. It’s not as it had been believed that emotions are engraved into the brain and people are victims of their feelings. People are not at the mercy of feelings because they create their feelings.

The neuroscientist Valerie Van Mulukom in her works explains why people should develop self-knowledge and trust to their gut feelings.

The neuroscientist Valerie Van Mulukom explains what gut feelings are.

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