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Positive Self-image

Positive Self-image

Working on my third book makes me to realize negative self-image can be a killer. People blame themselves for things that aren’t their fault, underestimate their abilities, and they expect things to go wrong for them.

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Poor opinion of the body can cause a very low self esteem and self confidence. Building a positive self-image is a daily work through self-compassion and focus. Small things can help: – Focus on the “liked” parts of the body – Decrease emphasis on looks – Stop comparison to others

  • Take positive actions such eating healthy and exercise Walk and stay outdoor as much as possible
  • Avoid alcohol, street drugs and smoking
  •  Open up to compliments and receiving
  • Keep a good body posture, straighten up, smile and look straight ahead
  • Think more positively
  • Be fair to oneself
  • Be more objective about your good qualities
  • Be more confident personal abilities
  • Generate better feelings about self
  • Practice calmness when thinking about self
  • Create positive relationship with personal life and future

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