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Youth Talking about Drugs

Youth Talking about Drugs

Talking about Drugs

Drugs are not all the same. They come with different names, effects and dangers. Some drugs are sedative, slowing down the brain & body functions, others are stimulants giving a rush of energy, or having hallucinogenic effects. Early exposure to chemical substances is always very dangerous.

Can Adults Know when Youth is Talking About Drugs?

Having a child with addiction is one of the worst nightmares parents can have. Most young people do not use drugs but those who do, have been using some codes and slang to assure adults will not understand. The likelihood that adults have no clue when youth have been talking about drugs is quite high.

Youth Talks about Drugs

They use slang, codes and words which adults might fail detect as a subject of drugs. Here are some popular drug terms adults should be alert about:


Perhaps, we all know that marijuana is also cannabis or weed, also it is Mary Jane, and rolled into a spliff or doobie. Some slang is based on where the particular strain was grown and colours such as Canadian Black, Jamaican Gold, Mexican Green, African Bush, Panama Red, Blonde, Golden, Green, Leaf, Red Bud, Skunk. Some unusual terms might be Astro Turf, Broccoli, Yellow Submarine.


Cocaine is commonly referred as Coke, Crack, Blanca, Dust, Line, Sniff, Snow White, Powder. Other slang names are Paradise, Happy Powder, White Stuff, Base, Beam, Candy, C-Dust, Cecil.


MDMA / Ecstasy as a pill can be called E’s, Vitamin E, Happy Pills, Beans, Candy, Sweets, Disco Biscuits, or simply ‘Pills’. As powder, the slang term can be Bombs, Molly,  Mandy, Love Drug, E-Bomb.

Methamphetamine (Met)

Methamphetamine use is rising in alarming speed. These are some alternative terms for met such as Crystal, Glass, Quartz, Blue, Clear, LA Ice, Tweek, Trash, Gak. Unusual terms might be Go Fast, Chalk, Go-Go Juice, Crank, Rocket Fuel.


Street names for heroin can be Foil, Antifreeze, Skag, Hero, Smack, Big H, Horse, Brain Damage, Hard Stuff, Rush Hour, Sweet Dreams, Hard Candy, Dr. Feelgood.

Bath Salts

Only recently introduced Bath Salts become quickly popular. They have nothing in common with bath products. Drug tests might fell to detect these crystalline powders used to swallow, inhale or inject.  Bath Salts can be called Plant Food, Bloom, Cloud Nine, Ivory Wave, Lunar Wave, Scarface, Vanilla Sky, or White Lightning.

When Youth Is Talking about Drugs

Often adults cannot know youth talks about drugs. They are many other terms drug dealers and users use to make it difficult for people who are not familiar with drugs.

People might think that those affected by addiction are weak people with no willpower but that is not always the case. Not many people know that some individuals are at greater risk of developing addiction than others. The truth is that all young people taking drugs can be in jeopardy.

This Drug Enforcement Administration Intelligence Report contains new slang and codes.

I have use information from NHS U.K., DEA Intelligence Report, Soba College Recovery New Jersey, Clinical Pain Advisory, and other public sources.

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