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Other Projects

Other Projects


I have founded IVANA INTERNATIONAL, my private practice in the U.K. & distantly worldwide. This business offers services to other businesses and residents. My main focus covers resilience & stress management as prevention of burnouts. Stress is one of the highest contributors to the development of depression, anxiety and psychotic episodes. Resilience is a critical ability to adapt.

Years ago I started writing this BLOG to help and share. When people know what to do, they can do more for themselves & be stronger. In my posts I discuss techniques & tools boosting well-being. I try to inspire others; let them know what helps others and pass information further; advise what can be done when facing hardships. Stay here for a moment, check my recent and older posts. I can guarantee you’ll learn something you didn’t know…

I developed a  SOCIAL PROJECT   called  FEEL-GOOD.XYZ. My objective is to advocate mental wellbeing, increase awareness and give out free resources. My wish is that people pay equal consideration to psychological and physical health. FEEL-GOOD.XYZ  is a valuable online centre helping to understand individual psychology, emotions, thoughts & actions, and how all these affect life experience. FEEL-GOOD.XYZ shares topics such as stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, anger, self-esteem, relationships, and many more. The reader finds description of disorders, symptoms, techniques, links, and access to other resources.

In the recent years I developed  The Strongest You series,  BOOKS & ALBUM  launched through THE STRONGEST YOU.NET, for people who want to help themselves and achieve change; experience more meaningful life. They are also to learn new techniques, reduce stress, improve feelings and self-esteem, develop resilience, create overall happier life.

In the last years, I have been associated with a facilitating enterprise McWorld Enterprise. Find more about their  PUBLISHING, PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGNS.

"In the mind and self, be The Strongest You... When my life lost momentum I was caught unprepared and exposed to traumatizing stress and loneliness. I was hitting rock bottom. My occupation and education should have given me the insight to cope but in my depths of despair I needed something more. I had to find a way of taking control and find the strength to rebuild my life; to rediscover the feelings of happiness and joy. The approach I share through my book and work became a life saver. It helped me to come to terms with difficult challenges, carry on with life and continue to help others. The Strongest You is not a statement; it’s the constructively used inner force. Any person can do it. The Strongest You is the catalyst for positive change through the powerful mind.”

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