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Feel good

Feel good

Boost self-esteem & feel good

After long winter and snow storms the spring sunshine naturally uplifts mood and brings excitement.

feel happySpring is the time of awaking, “re-birthing”, baby animals, refreshed colors, new smells and blossoms. It is very obvious and easy  to notice all the changes in nature.

What if this is the easiest time to make personal changes to boost your self-esteem and create happiness in personal life?

You can be happy through changes and transform many aspects of personal life once you commit to changes. Spring is the great time to start doing it.You can train yourself and become self-coach. By following goals, taking steps, using prompts and self-management, creating consistency, designating time and actions you can become a self-trainer. Spring time might be a good time to:

  • Create personal goals & change your mindset

  • Work on rising self-esteem

  • Harmonize your life style to feel better

  • Understand motivations and control undesired behavior

  • Focus on achievements 

  • Create a new optimistic ways of thinking

  • Build positive self-expectancy

Tips that can stir up good feelings and self-esteem:

  • Be physically and mentally active. Spend lunch time, breaks, weekends or free time engaged in meaningful activities that increase energy level.

  • Eat healthy. Taking care of diet will support good feelings; it gives more energy or stops putting on weight. Balance craving for carbohydrates with plenty of fruit and vegetables, eat light refreshing foods to naturally supply sufficient minerals and vitamins to your body.

  • Spring is time to detoxify your body.

  • Practice relaxing or isometric breathing. 

  • Spend as much time as you can outside; midday, bright sunny days are good for daily walks to better cope with stress.

  • Spring cleaning or changes in the house will make you feel better might – get new paints or coats on the walls, choose pale colors that reflect light from outside, refresh your work station, move furniture.

  • Keep your mind active – be interested in what you do, focus on the activities and be present in the moment.

  • Create a sanctuary place, start meditations or prayers.

  • Observe the nature and connect with life around you.

Create harmonious healthy relationships that are important to happiness. Be authentic and wisely search for people who you feel good with. Sharing with friends or community can be therapeutic. Choose company of people not on their performance but on their qualities. 

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