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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Mind, mindfulness & meditation 

In this new year give yourself completely to your breath. May each conscious breath keep awareness in your mind, make you curious, kind and compassionate. Let all these grow into meaningful experience.

May the fruit of your mind be the protection against all kinds of turmoil and difficulty. May your strong and trained mind make you patient and bring you happiness.

In the mind and self, be



The mind and mindfulness have been such a great importance not only these days but also in the past. Allow me to share the words of Shantiveda from the ancient books of wisdom “The Vedas”.

“… When you want to move or want to talk, first examine your mind, and then, with firmness, act in the proper way. When you feel desire or hatred in your mind, do not act or speak, but remain like a log … So, I shall hold and guard my mind properly. Without the discipline of guarding my mind, what is the use of other disciplines? If I were in the midst of an uncontrolled wild crowd I would be alert and careful of hurting my wounds. Likewise, while I live among undisciplined people I should guide my mind against hurting its wounds … I beg, with folded hands, those who wish to guard their minds “Please preserve mindfulness and awareness even at the cost of your own life.”
– Shantiveda

Happy New Year,


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