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The Mind to Reduce Stress

The Mind to Reduce Stress

Mindful Stress Reduction

For long we thought taking care of a body is sufficient self-care, but is it? Can we afford to neglect our psyche, emotions, mental strength and overall psychological well-being?

touch (2)When talking about self-care we should refer to a practice that intentionally decreases stress and promotes relaxation response to rejuvenate the body. There’re not many ways to take care of ourselves that would have long lasting effects such as using the mind.

Train the mind to reduce stress, boost general well-being easily and quickly .

Psychological self-care that involves the mind increases happiness, productivity, sharpens focus, balances emotions and guides to unwind creativity and optimism.

When training the mind and restructuring it, the mind collaborates with the brain. Happiness and well-being is not something we should pursue or fight for. It can’t happen until we create conditions within ourselves, allowing good feelings.


 Time – Focus – Practice       

We intentionally change the personal experience through the mind’s training. Cultivating the mind and its flexibility is a good start.

Due to busy life we mostly run on so called automatic pilot or automatic (negative) default. Often preoccupied by the outside world we forget that what happens within us matters a big deal. When we fail taking care of our psychological well-being we can expect a break down. Only through the mindful inside  we know how to respond to unfortunate conditions, how to stand up after falls, how to cope with abrupt losses,  how to be alright when left alone or betrayed.

Without the trained mind we might forget that disregarding minor problems could grow into an emotional roller coaster, not seeing opportunities that would make experiences happier or easier, neglect what might be good for us. Mindfulness, the practice of being in a present moment, brings back a present state of mind. When we slow down we can notice the sensations of the experience and awareness.

The Mind & Breathing

Once we bring attention to breathing, to the most essential experience, the mind instantaneously  interrupts its “business”. Consciously taking a deep breath  when feeling overwhelmed brings us back to a moment.  The breath can be used anytime and anywhere to immediately reduce stress.

The mind can lower stress and tension in the body and regulate emotions, feelings and state of well-being.

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