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Caregivers and Their Health

Caregivers and Their Health

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IM_FineCaregivers in effort to provide the best possible care often sacrifice their own physical and emotional  health. Taking care of a family member, a friend or be a professional caregiver can be extremely draining. Taking care of a loving parent, child or a partner is a physical and emotional experience, frequently stressful and it can exhaust even very capable persons.

Negative emotions shouldn’t been seen as weaknesses or problems. They give messages that perhaps caregivers need breaks. Caregivers should pay attention to their feelings, allow self-compassion and kindness.

Although they like taking care of others, caregivers might feel emotions they don’t like. This emotional experience might result in anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame,or isolation. They might be frustrated or upset. Over time emotions become intense and leave caregivers exhausted and vulnerable. Caregivers might feel drained of energy and less tolerant to any kind of pressure.

They should be alarmed when they notice “something’s going on”, when feelings don’t go away or they become severe and unpleasant. Advises such as “brush it off” or “get over”  simply don’t work, ignoring or denying emotions won’t make them leave.

Caregivers should remember that strengthening  their mental health has the same importance as healthy eating or physical strength. Psychological strength, resistance and flexibility prevent the development of serious conditions.

Caregivers should pay extra attention after experiencing trauma or loss. When they neglect self-care they may develop post-traumatic stress disorder. Some symptoms of traumatic stress include: dysfunctional avoidance, specific anxiety, difficulty to fall or maintain sleep, the cluster of intrusive emotions, disconnection from people, inability to trust, a sense of constant danger or extreme alertness, terrifying memories, flashbacks, and problems with physical health.

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