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What is Mental Wellness?

What is Mental Wellness?

Samo_jumpMental wellness is an integral and essential component of your health.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy is much more than you are free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. Good mental wellness isn’t just that you don’t mentally suffer.

Rather than the absence of mental illness, your mental and emotional health refers to the presence of positive characteristics you are equipped with.

Your health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

Mental wellness is about how you think, feel and act and how you cope with your life. Strong mental health helps handle stress, relate to others and make right choices. Alike physical health, mental health manifests at every stage of life.

Mental wellness is to prevent sicknesses. When your body experiences disease it stems from your psychological imbalance (talk to your medical doctor who practices Psycho-somatic or Complex Medicine). Through the pain your body tells that you have to change something in your life.

Social factors are major contributors to your mental health and along with your life experiences they have a huge impact on your ability to be resistant to any form of distress.

Your mental wellness is a combination of your attitude and personality. It is a connection of your social support with your ability to maintain positive attitude.  Your healthy lifestyle choices along with brain chemistry help you to conquer life difficulties without stranding your mental wellness.

 How to maintain mental wellness?

  • Own your mental health

  • Be in charge of your mental training

  • Build your mental flexibility

  • Open your mind

  • Learn from others

  • Keep your mind positively active

  • Recognize when you need help

  • Ask for help

  • Be connected with your self-talk

  • Listen the voice of your “inner lover” and fight the voice of your “inner enemy”

  • Laugh every day

  • Capture happy feelings and trigger them by your positive attitude

  • Love your life

Mental wellness is not that you ignore challenges or apply The Ostrich Effect. Mental wellness is your courage to face problems and finding the meaning in a crisis. Your mental wellness is your strength to stand up after the fall, put additional effort and find the new way to win the battle of your life. Your mental wellness helps you to accept the cycle. You know that after a bright day the darkness wraps your life and that’s completely okay. Because you know that the next day will start with the light in the sky.

Be aware of the factors that undermine your mental wellness

  • Lack of support from your relationships

  • Abuse & negligence

  • Violence

  • Severe or prolonged stress

  • Major and unexpected changes in life (financial, unemployment, serious sickness, death of relatives or friends, end of significant relationship)

  • Chemical imbalance in your  brain

  • Traits in your family

Remember: Your tendency to respond life in certain ways was conditioned by the society (not by you) and you don’t have to buy it. You have ability to change and fight unhealthy ways.


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