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Changes in Stages

Changes in Stages

Do you plan but fail to change your bad habits, loose weight, eat healthy, stop smoking, start exercising, develop a new skill, change unhealthy or risky behaviour?

Changing any behaviour is easier said than done.

Be The Strongest You. Use your mind to understand the process of changes.

The Strongest YouSome people don’t last long enough to experience the pleasure of changes, others give up too early or too easy. We might believe that a change happens on demand. That’s not a case.

The process of changes happens in stages. Sincere insight at what stage we are helps to shift and hang onto the action stage.

The process of changes grows from not knowing to the final, to experiencing changes, finding pleasure in transformation and carry on with the change. Firstly, being subconsciously incompetent, when we even don’t know that a change could be or is possible. Secondly, we move towards the battle stage. Here we know about the possibility of changing but are not willing to work for it.

In the process of changes our ultimate goal is a state of subconscious competence. This means when we achieve, master a change and follow through. However, before this pleasant experience when our “automatic pilot” responds we face risks of a critical phase: conscious actions. That’s when the hard work towards changes can be painful, we encounter bumps, we are force to take detours, stay firm, motivated or contrary, loose and give up.

How ready are you to overcome obstacles or barriers that always arrive when working towards changes?

If you are getting ready or you are ready to start working towards changes remember the words of Andy Warhol, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. “


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