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The Mind Control

The Mind Control

daydreaming1Some of us daydream more often than they should, while others can enslave themselves in their mind-control.

thinking generates feelings, establishes choices and actions

Without the spontaneous, dream like thinking, we lock creativity and without the mind-management daydreaming can develop into escape from life and reality.emotional pain hurts

When both, mind-control and mind-travelling go beyond healthy limits we can live a life of daydreamers, detached from personal reality, overlooking potentials or be trapped in to-do lists, obsessions and get stuck in negative loops.

we must control the mind

Are we daydreamers or goals driven? Mindset and mind control are crucial to achieve, experience changes, and improve feelings. Free thinking  develops in mind-wandering, psychological traveling or also called daydreaming and it is a creative part of the mind.

Free thinking and single-minded-focus should  work together.

be the strongest you

We should nurture both, free, open-minded thinking and mind-control. Spontaneous and free activities of the mind help to develop ideas, solutions, answers, explanations, while the controlled mind emphases executive functions and beneficial behavior.

blonde_hairovercome the myth “the mind just is”

The mind can be everything: our consciousness, interpretation of self and others, perception of life and the world, a feelings-feeder, decision-maker, motivation-breaker or action-destructor.

It might sound simplistic but we can and we have to upgrade the performance of the mind to force it working for our best. Learning how to manage the mind can be of tremendous assistance to cope with life and making beneficial choices. Let’s start by developing four new mindful habits:

  • Don’t be preoccupied by goals rather let your mind be consumed in activities
  • Overcome your childhood assumptions that your thoughts are true and regularly question your beliefs
  • Break the frame of the mind that makes you considering all that you like is natural and good, hence that you don’t like is alien to you: counteract rigidity of thinking and open the mind
  • Deliberately and meaningfully relax the mind to let grow its spontaneity

Become The Strongest You

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