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The recent client was referred to me by her physician. She is a 45 years old teacher who is off work since the last summer. When she came to my office she couldn’t sit still, she was restlessly fidgeting on the chair, nervously wiggling fingers, playing with clothing, looking anywhere but me.

When talking about her state she describes a very sick person who suffers pain, who can’t sleep, who has severe panic attacks, who depends on others and who is going to die soon. She has difficulties to stay focused and attend to my words. The most frustrating for her that she doesn’t know what’s wrong. All accessible assessments have been done and the results’re negative.No diagnose, no disease? 

The session after session we open up how all this started…

“Last summer I thought I was dying of pain.. crucial pain…but you know what, comparing to the pain I have now it’s nothing..nothing comparing to what I face these days. And then all this with my father can’t get out of my mind. He died in a nursing home when I was 35. I was close to him and …I was with him every second day for 2 years… I was very depressed and felt powerless when I saw his pain. … Since then I know I will die the same way as he did; in pain and alone in a nursing home. It started the last summer..” 

Is it self-fulfilling prophecy? Is it was she has created  in her mind and now she is experiencing it?

The last ten years she has been living with the picture of self sick and soon dead. And here she is; a woman suffering undefined pain, without any diagnose and expecting to die.Perhaps this client’s conditions would be different if she caught her mental deterioration earlier, if she would paid attention to her heart and soul. No doctor can tell her  hurt psyche is  communicating with her through this unidentified illness.


Be aware of what you think about, what you wish for (because you might wish for the negative), that accept as reality of your life. The power of the mind is also in communication with oneself, creating images in the mind that become an unconscious “radar”. People follow the course of the mind as it “detects” what they are looking for. We follow our thinking, we change behavior and maintain emotional state of what it’s determined. Be aware of any disease can plot with your mind.

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