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The Silent Killer Called Stress

The Silent Killer Called Stress

 How to cope with stress?

I am a Counselor.

High-levels of stress have been linked to an increase in heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. There is a high psychological toll, misery and unhappiness, risky and compulsive behavior, impulsive actions, binge drinking and eating, alcohol and drug abuse, or gambling. Chronic stress degenerate functions of the brain, affects cognitive functioning and strengthens dysfunctional behavior.  Studies have revealed stress being a negative effect on human life and biological development. (Early death and suffering when exposure to stress is present throughout our development.)

Overall stress levels have been increasing throughout the decades due to psycho-social phenomena and exposure to material items. There are many understated causes for stress, such as  overexposure to tech devices, social media, personal appearance, body image, competition, relationships, stagnating wages, and shrinking job market.

Stress can be experienced as acute (short-term) or episodic (short but regular) and chronic (long-term). How well people cope with each depends on the resilience of a person, their resources and genetics.

Acute stress can be handled with short-term strategies such as deep breathing, meditation, relaxation, sleeping, exercise, talking to someone, and receiving social support. The feeling of stress is like anxiety attack, it comes in short bursts but is manageable. Often all it takes is a moment to unwind and step away from the problem.

Experiencing episodic and chronic stress is serious and have to be addressed with cognitive (thinking) and behavioral strategies to eliminate stress. Strategies can include changing the thinking patterns, reducing dysfunctional behavior, improving relationships ad feelings, practicing positive attitude, learning how to restructure thinking errors, practicing positive actions, practicing spirituality, changing unhealthy choices, diet and life style. The goal is to decrease  toxins (delivered by risky and unhealthy choices), improve bodily functions and remove these coping mechanisms to better deal with stress.

Experimental strategies  combined with a healthier life style and positive actions increase energy and will help regulate one’s physical and psychological well-being. Coping with killer stress comes one day at a time.

I am a counselor and my practice involves the primary function of informing, advising, guiding, educating, and coaching. The practice of counselling includes, but is not limited to, clinical, and mental health counselling. Incorporated in my mandate is guidance and education to individuals, families and/or groups.


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