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How to Connect With Your Oneself

How to Connect With Your Oneself

You have probably seen this “mudra” in paintings and statues or maybe your yoga teacher showed it to you. I modified this exercise to create and practice connection with your inner world and with your higher self. When you practice this technique you learn that there is a big inner world that you want to meet more often. It will open the subjective window to self-awareness without employing your conscious mind. I love the configuration of fingers and hands in connection with mental practice. We create a holistic picture of self.

Have a pen and paper close by. Before you start lay down on your back and relax for few minutes (you can use some of my Practice to Happiness). Gently without loosing the relaxed state come up in to a sitting position and follow the instructions.

yogaSit in easy pose or if you have some health issues alternate sitting on a chair. Bend ring and little fingers, pressing them down with the thumbs, keeping index and middle fingers straight, palms forward. Press your elbows back and maintain about 30° angle between the upper arms and forearms. Try to keep your forearms parallel to each other. Concentrate at the “Third Eye”. Focus on breathing. As you breath you relax and slow down your breath. Mentally start repeating your name when your breathe in and the word love when you breathe out. Beginners practice for 3 minutes, advanced practitioners can practice up to 11 minutes. Inhale deeply, exhale and open your eyes. Write down your experience. As you continue practicing you gradually extend time but make sure you don’t overdo it. Each practice you finish with writing a self-reflection. After 21 days  of practice review your 21 notes. What did you learn about self?

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