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How to Heal Trauma

How to Heal Trauma

Recovery Action Program ( RAP)

Turn Insight into Solution to HealTrauma

Traumatic stress is caused by unexpected stressful event / events related to loss of security, becoming vulnerable and perceiving the dangerous world.

 What contributes to traumatic stress?

  • Auto accident – Chronic pain – Sport and work injury – Surgeries and falls – Sudden disabling conditions – Breakup of significant relationship – Death of a close person – Abusive, neglected and traumatic childhood – Life-threatening illness – Humiliating experience – Unstable and unsafe environment – Separation, divorce, domestic violence

About RAP

  •       12 step program to resolve traumatic stress

  •       Emotional and cognitive reprocessing of traumatic stress

  •        Achieve psychological healing

  •        Activate inner resolution, flexibility and ability to response.

  •       Adapt to traumatic events and stress and create a new reality

  •        Evolve personal resources

  •       Use  guided imagery to heal

Recovery Action Program includes:

  • Individual sessions – Weekly small group sessions – Motivational E-couching –  Guided individual practice – Worksheets – Adios

Techniques: Screening, self – assessment, evocative guided imagery, motivational techniques, positive response, cognitive processing, behavior activation techniques

RAP step by step

  • Education – Reprocessing of traumatic events – Healing of traumatic grieving and memory – Change thoughts and feelings – Reconnect with trauma – Experience solution – Work with motivational worksheets – Practice Guided Imagery – Alternate patterns of unhealthy responses – Create safety, trust, control, and power – Increase self-esteem and build intimacy           

  Traumatic stress is a biochemical and psychological reaction. Restructure the thinking process and use evocative imagery to change biochemistry, cognitive and emotional responses to trauma.

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