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How to deal with challenging and difficult people?

How to deal with challenging and difficult people?

Learn to cope with challenging and difficult people

Emotional_VampiresHow to deal with difficult people? How to protect against challenging people and don’t do their ways?

Emotional vampires are emotionally demanding people who drain you and manipulate you. Don’t be angry with yourself you let them do it.

Learn the techniques to deal with the difficult people

Emotional Vampires don’t leave your life because they might be your friends or even family members and children. According to emotional vampires nothing is wrong with them. You are the problem. The world and people around them are not okay.

Emotional Vampires live down the street, they might be your friends, they could be lurking in your family or at work, even you might share your bed with some of them.

They might be popular, successful, acknowledged but they have some symptoms of personality disorder. That’s what makes people around them emptied. How to deal with thee emotional vampires, the people who drain you?

Dealing with challenging people takes a willpower and you need consciously engage your mindful focusTo protect yourself from emotional vampires you have to think. It requires a lot of effort. They may be worth it; they may not. And it is only you who can decide. 

10 rules to deal with difficult people

Rule # 1. Know them, know their history, and know your goals
Rule # 2. Detach yourself from their story
Rule # 3. Pay attention to their actions not to their words
Rule # 4. Do what they don’t
Rule # 5. Worry about yourself not about them
Rule # 6. Let contingencies do the work
Rule # 7. Be aware of their hypnotic strategies
Rule # 8. Choose your words carefully
Rule # 9. Ignore their tantrums
Rule # 10. Don’t do what they want you to do because they want it

The most important rule is to set the boundaries  that you are comfortable with. You want create your mental strength and resistance. You can imagine that you are in a bubble that represents these boundaries. It’s your mental shield what you need and be selective what you take from them.

Emotional vampires want you to take their sides and that’s when you can loose it. Don’t do it. For instance their traps – victims in “self-pity”, narcissists in “me first”, controllers “crazy over the small stuff”. Don’t try to be their therapistYou follow through your own values and be assertively insistent. Always remember dealing with the issue right at the moment will prevent further troubles. You will be spared of self-blame and anger with self that you let emotional vampires  manipulate you.

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