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About Emotional Pain

About Emotional Pain

Trauma survivors are a vulnerable group of people who are frequently left without any treatment. Trauma survivors who don’t receive any help are in risk to develop psychiatric disorders. Access to treatment is a matter of public concern.

If you live with trauma you can become one of our participants.

Project Let Me hear Your Pain has 2 Phases:

Phase 1. You will talk through your own story of trauma.

Phase 2. You will  undergo treatment.

You can choose if you want to go through Phase 1 & Phase 2 or only Phase 1.

You will be asked to access one of our locations in Etobicoke, Oakville, or Cambridge.

You are unique and your trauma is unique. We are no longer shy to talk about our pain. Step out of the darkness. Beat your trauma. You can defeat disturbing memories. You can halt emotional flooding. You can lighten up the darkness of your past.

We hope to create a source of valuable information to create awareness and increase access to service. We appreciate any sharing. Generally people don’t feel comfortable talking about their mental pain. We want to beat the stigma that infects every issue surrounding mental health. Thank you for your support and spreading the word.

Details will be discussed further.

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