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How To Recover

How To Recover

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Long ago Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

Turning Insight into Solution 

  • Steps to feel better now and in the future

  • Emotional and cognitive reprocessing to improve 

  • Guidance to achieve the highest possible psychological health and functioning

  • To activate inner resolution, flexibility and ability to response.

  • To focus on solving and moving forward

  • To heal the past hurts and learn to life with perhaps unwanted past

Counselling and mind coaching are steps to happier life while restructuring the thinking and reprocessing  feelings.

Counselling uses CBT, evocative imagery to change biochemistry, cognitive and emotional reprocessing. Guided practice to transform the interaction between the processes of the thinking mind, the physical body and emotionally infused psyche.

Counselling helps in: 

Medical Conditions – pain, chronic pain, illness, heart disease, health concerns, respiratory issues, GI distress, skin disorders, migraines, other medical conditions

Psychological Distress – stress, anxiety, phobia, depression, trauma, PTSD, self-esteem, sleep disturbance, aging, life changes, interpersonal and personal challenges

Prevention of Illness – Anticipation and learning how to maintain health and age with dignity and grace. Stop stress and fear, the growing concerns and harms of physical and mental health.

Prevention & Treatment – Through psychological and behavioural reversal you increase positive response to medical care & self health care

Negative attitude, unhealthy life style, pessimism, interpersonal conflicts, personal issues, mood swings, fear, negative self-expectations, all of these amplify poor prognosis and interfere with treatment, nutritional intervention and well-being. Without our innate abilities to restore, replenish, and repair our life could not go on. RAP  boosts the positive response to medical treatment, alternative therapies and self-care.

Medical care might be frustrating and long lasting. Patients could be overwhelmed by health concerns, pain, fear, and worry. Counselling can change relationship a with sickness, seeing health and state of well-being in a new view. It can help to eliminate negative self-expectation and beliefs that make overcoming medical conditions more difficult.  

Formats: individual sessions, online, coaching, 

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