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Hundred Facts about Millennials

Hundred Facts about Millennials

MillennialsDid American dream explode in face to millennials?

Both of my children are millennials, my nieces and nephews are millennials, my clients are millennials. I have deep feelings for all of them. I know they struggle in this world. Their struggle a lot.

Their biggest struggle is to make it appears they don’t.

Unintentionally by this attitude they feed stereotyped (harsh) thinking of other generations about how they live, study, work, or socialize. Yeah, they’re not like us, generation X or you, baby-boomers but the world they experience is remote from the one that humans find comfortable.

There are alarming facts about millennials we should take in account when labeling them. Millennials are:

  • the largest young generation in history,
  • the young generation with the highest academic education,
  • generation entering adulthood with the highest school loans, yet the high education loses its values,
  • facing the highest job insecurity in our corporate world,
  • 40% unemployed
  • young people with tripled suicidal rate
  • generation with the highest level of anxiety, depression and stress,
  • don’t know how to fail,
  • they don’t know how to relate to self and others,
  • don’t know how to have difficult conversations with self and others
  • don’t know how to adapt when the plans don’t go as they wish

Positive facts about millennials

Millennials don’t automatically agree, they are opinionated and they don’t look at world through lenses of religion or tradition. Their precious values include having a loving partner, protect family, being a good parent, help those in needs, protect environment, or save endangered  species. They are ethnically and racially diverse and tolerant.

Millennials are not lazy and they try to do what we wanted them: work smarter, think before you agree, evaluate, decide, say and create. They do pretty well in using apps to make their life easier and they can develop multiple revenues, become both, employees and employers, or flexibility move to pursue work or goals.

If millennials stop minimizing their struggles, recognize their small successes, know self, stop been obsessed by comparison with others, they have a great chance to bring a unique essence to life. 

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