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Do You Practice Mindfulness?

Maybe like me, you have been moved by recent stories regarding the positive impact of mindfulness on health, sleep or stress reduction yet too few people use this method. I have been practicing mindfulness daily over the last decade. I think I wouldn’t have coped with all challenges I had to deal with if I hadn’t practiced mindfulness.

My wish for others is to stay well and in the self-help book “Mindfulness, Breathe InBreathe Out” I explain – What mindfulness is – What to do – Why to do it – How to do it to develop mindfulness. The book is enhanced by the downloadable audio tracks to set a routine.

I believe when living mindfully, with self-compassion and gentleness to ourselves, we benefit physically and emotionally. A mindfulness based approach has earned increasing respect in medicine. It’s been offered as a complementary treatment for those suffering a variety of ailments including chronic pain. It is also offered as continuous help to people having suffered certain difficult conditions to prevent their relapse & maintain health. We can all learn mindfulness to benefit our modern life.

If you don’t practice mindfulness why you don’t try it with my self-help  book ? If you practice mindfulness then why not help others to learn mindfulness by sharing this easy to follow book with audio tracks?  Get the

My wish for you is to stay strong and always inspired. I will always be happy to hear from you.

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