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The Book in Wide Release

The Book in Wide Release

My roller-coaster life took me away from work for a while. Life was rapidly going downhill with no certainty of what might lie at the bottom. In solitude the values, emotions, beliefs and bonds that I had nurtured most of my life were challenged. I often thought about my clients I had helped, people that had suffered but through my guidance and help had moved forward. I remembered their appreciation and gratitude, and then I wondered if the techniques successfully applied to them could be developed into self-help that I could apply to myself. And then my story found positive change….

The greatest gift that has been given to us is our mind.

As a result of my being moved by experiences I hope to bring inspiration to you through my self-help book. I take you on a life changing journey: coaching the  mind to attain positive transformation. In just 12 weeks you can reset your mind when  following step-by-step guidance towards the revelation of the power of your mind.

The paperback book and e-format have access to audio tracks.

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