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My Story

My Story



When my world fell apart, when the life I thought was stable and secure collapsed like a house of cards, I had no one to turn to. I had always been the strong person, my ethos in life was to support and help those I loved, my children, my husband, my friends, and as a professional psychotherapist, to help my clients. My own well-being was not something I considered, it was secondary and perhaps taken for granted or even disregarded. I became stressed when I didn’t meet my expected goals and, not wanting to appear selfish, I worried about what others might think of me. Like so many people in the world I juggled my daily responsibilities of family, work and professional development. I was accommodating the needs of others while neglecting my own personal needs and desires. ..

When my crisis came I was devastated. Traumatized and unprepared I did not know where to turn. My occupation and education should have given me the insight to cope but in my depths of despair I needed something more. I had to find a way of taking control and find the strength to rebuild my life; to rediscover the feelings of joy and happiness…

The dynamics of my life began to change with my children moving out to begin their years at university. I suffered as all parents do at this time, we experience a form of grief and initially struggle to fill the void left by their sudden departure. We want our children to be independent; we encourage and try to prepare them for it, but it doesn’t soften the loss when they go. Everyone will find different ways of coping and I worked longer hours. It meant spending more time alone for myself, and I began doing some of the things I didn’t have time for before. My husband was spending more time away from me with work or friends. I did some voluntary work and I believed that perhaps these changed circumstances were a positive step forward on the rocky road of life. I still had no idea of the impending crisis… (to be continued)

Copy of logo-thestrongestyouWhen the things seem difficult to cope with; when everything and everyone seem to be against you; when life just seems hard, read this book and remember this simple phrase:
“In the mind and self, be The Strongest You”
-Use the strength within you to enjoy life and simply being you. Learn to promote positive thoughts, improve feelings and achieve your full potential.

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