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Support group to improve feelings

Support group to improve feelings

MHC_logo12 steps to improve your feelings

Professionally run psycho-therapeutic workshop for women

Use the power of mind and emotions and feel good 


Some of the common issues women bring to the group:

Fear & worries

Sadness, shame & guilt

Expectations of perfectionism

Low self-esteem and body image

Coping with pain

Coping with over developed responsibility

Fear of conflicts 

Inability to relax

Difficulties to adjust to changes

Challenging relationships

You will experience

changes in self-defeating behaviors

emotional reprocessing

changes in the way you think

improved self-image

enhanced ability to relax

increased control over mental functioning

 This professionally run psycho-therapeutic group workshop will help you build emotional and mental resilience and skills to manage life’s ups and downs.

 The group will be a safe place to start to develop positive self-image and your authentic self.  This group will help you to recover from psychological pain from the past and envision your positive self-expectations.

 This group will help you to feel good about self and the world around you.

The program includes techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Guided Mental Imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques.

 Your mind and emotions play the pivotal role in your life. You routinely use them every day without noticing and mostly in a negative way. You imagine problems, challenges, sickness, and conflicts. You feel fearful, ashamed, guilty, angry, disappointed, alone, worthless, unhappy, frustrated and other negative ways.

This group will introduce the concept of taking control over own mind and emotions. You will come to understand that you can control your mind and be in charge of your negative thoughts and feelings.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy is not only being free of mental disorders but it means you have the positive characteristics and skills to handle personal and life challenges to develop physical health and beauty.

 Your psychological well-being is majorly affected by social factors and negative life experiences. Other factors causing psychological health concerns are related to bio-chemical imbalance and genes; however you don’t inherit psychological ability but you follow cognitive and behavioral patterns that run in the family. 

 Psychological pain catches you off guard and has a tremendous impact on your central nervous system and life functioning. Your brain treats psychological pain the same as physical. It activates opioids (natural pain killers) and your limbic system depletes level of dopamine (associated with euphoria and happy feelings). 

Frequency: Once a week for 12 sessions for 2 hours. This is an ongoing group. Please contact us about the next starting date.

Location: 3300 Bloor Street West, Centre Tower, 11th floor, Unit # 3140 Toronto

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Cost: $ 740

Program includes 24 hours and training scripts. Please contact us for extended health care plans coverage. Registration is required before attendance. For more information contact: email or call 416 893 3048.

*Need a minimum 5 participants; maximum 10 participants.

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