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How Counselling Helps to Recover?

How Counselling Helps to Recover?

Counselling to mental health

uphill-struggleWhen I took my training I quickly understood that professionals have different attitudes towards psychiatric medication. Some of them advice medication as a main source of help to people with mental health disorders. The others support less pharmaceutical and more non-invasive treatments. It’s not my ambition to question them. My thoughts are about access to counseling.

How many people who recognize their mental health challenges actually seek non-medical treatment? Do medical professionals (perhaps also pharmaceutical advocates) explain to vulnerable population that regardless of medication, they should go through counselling and cognitive-behavioral treatment if they wish to recover. Medication controls the symptoms but doesn’t heal underling problems that are beyond mental ill health.

Why do I think it is necessary?

Professional help offers understanding, guidance, solution and possible change. Changes in life, ways of thinking, sources of emotional suffering, activities people are involved in, these and much more are subjects of counselling.

Contrary to pharmacological treatments counselling is not quick fix. But that’s not a bad thing. Quick fixers are not long lasting. Relying on medication in mental health would be similar to relying on nutrition of fast food. Fast foods make our bellies full but do they make us healthier? Psychiatric drugs don’t nurture, don’t heal the hurt psyche. They supply chemicals to help the brain to re-balance. It would be totally wrong entirely count on medication. Psychological health and recovery from disorders is about how people cope with life, stress, how they relate to themselves and others, how they cope with abrupt challenges and losses, how they adjust to changes, how they get over disappointments and betrayals, what meanings and purpose they find, how fulfilled they can feel … all these and much more is about counselling and mind coaching.

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