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Treatment for PTSD

Treatment for PTSD

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Third session after my arrival

A somber young man is lying in the bed. His leg is stretched and raised. An abandon wheelchair is parked at the corner. The air is thick. He politely answers formal questions and quietly stares.

Me: Did you do your assignment?

Client: No. Why should? I am stuck in this room. I can’t walk. I lost my independence. I am tired. There is no point of doing it.
Me: How did you spend the week?

Client: The same. Doing nothing. Stuck in the bed. On the Internet. Played some computer games.

Me: Would you mind talking about your music? When did you play the last time?

Client: I don’t feel like playing. I can’t. I don’t have any inspiration. I can’t make songs anymore. I am done with it. Do you know where I could be at this time? Playing with my band in BC. Look at my skin? It’s inflamed. People stare at it when I go to see the doctor. They think it’s contagious.

Me: What do you think about the article I gave you?

Client: Hm.

This is how we started our third session. It suggests his feelings and his mental state. The first time we met in the end of July. He was experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder. They compromised all aspects of his life. He survived and the deadly auto accident destroyed his life. Just the flick of a second changed his life into drama. He lost most valuables we consider granted. After a severe injury he lost income that added more to physical pain and skin disease. Recovery from a serious surgery takes time. Trapped in the bad and socially isolated he became more depressed. His previous life won’t be back as he wishes. He is temporarily disabled and his parents came from his home country to help him. And he is facing charges. The drunk driver of the other car was speeding. Wow!

Session 12

After my arrival

The young man opens the door and invites me in. I take a place at table. He sits on the sofa. Turning on my laptop I look around. A forearm crutch is lazy leaning towards the wall. I smile as I meet his eyes. He smiles back.

Client: Yep, the doctor says I have to practice walking without any support. And he is right.

Me: What did you do yesterday?

Client: It’s a good question. I woke up angry and grumpy. I was depressed and it was raining. I was afraid to go out. I wanted to call the physio to cancel. But then, I did your assignment. And actually after physio I felt good.

Me: Great. You are just doing great. I am very proud of your progress.

Shortly before leaving

Me: That’s for now. Just make sure you will do what we were talking about. And maybe we can meet at my office.

Client: Wait. I have something for you. Oh, do you want to record it on your phone?

As he reaches for his guitar I see the young man who is conquering. He made me a song. I got the gratifying song from my client. He is thankful for being in my care. This song and his progress are the best testimonials ever. 

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