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What Is Emotional Distress?

What Is Emotional Distress?

Online counselling

Emotions have the pivotal role in human life. Emotional disturbances are not genetic abnormalities. They are related to a condition that is biochemically induced.

pillsWhatever emotions we experience hypothalamus, the tiny gland, releases chemicals related to this experience.The cell receptors receive them and hold them. They spread these chemicals around the body and body holds them until the receptors shrink and die. When we experience the same or similar emotions again the body continues producing these chemicals and over the time they manifest more visibly. 

Through counselling we can learn and practice techniques that get our emotions under control. Emotions are like an experiencing of the colors of life. We can stop self-sabotaging our life. We can learn how to cope with emotions efficiently and beneficially.

Emotional reprocessing through counselling…

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