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Mental and emotional powers

Mental and emotional powers

The powerful mind and emotional flexibility

MHC_logo2Being mentally and emotionally healthy is much more than free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. Good mental and emotional health is not that we don’t feel negative emotions; rather it refers to the presence of positive characteristics we use to cope well with personal life

Our health is a state of total well-being, physical, psychological and social. Mental wellness is about how our mind works, how we think, cope with emotions and how we respond to everyday life. Strong mind helps to handle stress, relate to others or make the right choices.

Powerful  mind and emotional flexibility prevent sicknesses because our body can well respond to imbalance. Through the pain our body signals that we have to change somethingSocial factors  contribute to our mental health and along with our life experiences they have a huge impact on our ability to be resistant to distress or regain harmony.

Our mental wellness is a combination of the attitude and personality, a connection of the social support with the ability to maintain positive attitude. Through a healthy lifestyle along with the balanced brain chemistry, we can conquer life difficulties without stranding our mental wellness.

How to maintain mental wellness?

  • “Own” the mental health
  • Build mental flexibility
  • Flexible thinking
  • Learn from others
  • Keep the mind positive and active
  • Recognize the need for help
  • Ask for help
  • Be connected with the mind and feelings
  • Laugh every day
  • Like personal life
  • Capture the happy feelings and intentionally trigger them

Mental wellness is not to ignore the challenges or apply the ostrich effect, it is our courage to face problems and finding meanings in a crisis. Our mental wellness is the strength to stand up after the fall, put additional effort and find the new way to win the battle of our life. Mental wellness helps to accept the cycle of life; we know that after a bright day the darkness can wrap the days, and we know that the next day can start with the bright sky. With the strong mind and emotional flexibility we are in charge of personal life and feel good. 

Some factors can undermine our mental wellness: lack of support from your relationships, abuse & negligence, violent relationships, severe or prolonged stress, major and unexpected changes in life (financial, sickness, death or end of significant relationships) chemical imbalance in the brain and dysfunctional family.

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