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Being a grown-up

Being a grown-up

Mental and emotional grown-ups share common traits: 

  • Be a lifelong learner. The most valuable education doesn’t occur in the classroom.Forgive yourself and others.
  • Be forgiving and open to let go off hurts.
  • Be open-minded, flexible and see other sides.
  • Face fear and overcome it. It’s okay to be scared and do something with it. Overcoming fear does not mean not feeling fear.
  • Take responsibility for your own life, your choices, behaviors, actions, or mistakes and take ownership of who you are.Know yourself, what you think and how you feel.
  • Enjoy your own company and don not feel lonely.
  • Grow in a process. Becoming a mature adult is a continual process and people grow by small achievements.
  • Learn to live with pain. Life can be painful; your body feels pain and emotions are painful. Rather than avoiding pain face it.
  • Pain in life helps building wisdom, strength and skills.
  • Be hard-working. Showing initiative and work hard for whatever you dream about, take one step a time to reach what you desire.
  • Be a good behavioral self-manager. Temptations can be invitations that destroy your life.
  • Be a good partner. Listen your partner, express yourself, be empathetic and show respect and care.

grown_upWhat, exactly, does to be a mature adult mean ? Does age make people grown-ups or does it involve more?

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