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Addiction to something

Addiction to something

Something that takes the pain away…

we are all addictedAll forms of addictions are “substitutes” of something not found in ordinary life. They impulse to repeat, satisfy craving but there is the other side of pleasure.

A dreadful experience during feelings low that alternate the feelings of trance.

Loss of control over doing or using something to the point of harming the body, killing relationships or loosing life… alcohol, drugs, gambling, nicotine, work, internet, shopping, technology, sex and love. Risky behavior and addiction cause serious damages. 

Reality of life and horrible unpleasant feelings follow every high: Thrill of workaholics inverses to physical exhaustion and social isolation. Excitement of shopaholics quickly vanishes and the feelings of guilt, shame or despair dominate after shopping. Gamblers’ mental high disappears at the first loss. Depression and self-blame aggravate with lost money. Night surfing the internet or gaming while neglecting other aspects of their lives. Sex addicts have problems in their relationships, finances and professional lives. Love addicts dependent on the emotional stability provided by their romantic partners and lonely.

The recovery processes of any addictive and obsessive behavior share similarities. They involve restructuring of thinking, modification of behavior and emotional reprocessing. Underlying dysfunctional patterns of thinking, emotional deprivation leading to addictions, are substantial in recovery.


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